Travelling with your best Pet Friend in Cape Town.

Posted by Mary Rose on Mon September 7, 2020 in Pet Friendly Travel in Cape Town .

Have you ever been excited about going on a holiday and you start packing your suitcase to find out that your pet is slowly creeping into your suitcase in case you have forgotten that they need a holiday too.

I have and they literally will not get out of the suitcase until you confirm that you are not leaving them behind.

So what makes a perfect holiday place that accommodates you and your fur friends.

So making a choice about the perfect holiday spot for you and your pet.

Heading for Cape Town and you want to escape and enjoy the sea, mountain hikes, picnics, perhaps some fishing, eating great food. Making a Braai and inviting some friends. So how could you ever enjoy all this without your favourite fur friend. Chilling having a glass of wine or beer on the patio with that ever so blue swimming pool for a swim on a hot summer day.  Lazy afternoon snoozes watching the boats come in and out of the harbour with your fur friend watching your every move while catching a little cat (or dog) nap before that great afternoon walk along the promenade. Or better still going to one of the dog friendly beaches in Cape Town for an afternoon game and swim.   Champagne and cocktails with a few friends around the pool afterward.  And those long sleepy late sleep ins with a perfect sea facing balcony for doggie to enjoy while you snooze. Sounds blissful - well it is.  And it reasonable and available to be able to book such a place as this.

So now to choose what accommodation suits best. 

1. You need a place that welcomes your pet friend. 

2. You need a space where your pet is safe inside and outside. 

3. You need a place with a park close or promenade to walk you dogs.

4. Restaurants that accept pets.

5. Where you can prepare food is you feel like staying in for meals for both you and your pet. A Kitchen.

So this is where the Cape Town City Magical De Waterkant Cottage comes into play and we love to welcome owners with their pets. 

So dates decided, accommodation booked and than 

Do we drive.  It's easier for your loved pets.  Depending where you are travelling from.  In South Africa now this is the best way to go. 

To start, before heading on holiday with your doggo, make sure that you’ve stocked up on all of the essentials so that your pup has everything they need to have a good time.

It’s always a good idea to take a leash, a pet water bottle, a chew toy or ball, and some baggies for any poop that your pup leaves behind. If you’re driving, your car should be fitted with a Pet Car Seat or doggie car safety belt.  Pack blankets and food for your dogs. 

And off you go.  

Knowing that your host is waiting and happy to welcome you, your family and pets to their holiday home.